Buttery goodness…

When I don’t make my own nut butters, I like to head over to Whole Foods and pick up a jar or two of these.

Earth Balance makes my favorite peanut butter! They also put flaxseed in the peanut butter, yum yum yuuum.

But when I recently discovered that I also loooooove unsalted nut butters.
So far, I’ve only tried TJ’s unsalted peanut butter (other than the ones I make at home), but it’s pretty good too. When I need a quick snack on the go, I throw some on top of plain Greek yogurt, along with some homemade granola- protein, carbs, and fats!


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At Starbucks

So no early morning run for me today… Instead, I’m sitting here at a Starbucks! Long story short, due to transportation issues, I’m waiting 2 hours here til my physical therapy appointment… Fun.

I had no time to grab breakfast on the way out but I did get this at Starbucks…

Okay so I guess I can’t post pictures on my touch through WordPress. I’ll upload later!


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Hot mess!

I’m a hot mess! Literally!

I just finished Day #2 of the Insanity workout- plyo cardio circuit.
And it was hard.
I sweated. A lot. And now my face looks like a tomato.

But that’s okay. Because I had a fantastic post-death-by-workout snack!

Followed by a fantastic post-death-by-workout dinner!

And now it is time for me to hop in the shower and head over to Lilah’s!


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Another morning workout.

I got up around 5:30 today, hoping that if I headed out the door 10 minutes earlier, I could beat most of the sunrise heat. Well. That didn’t help. The morning was really nice and cool again, but around 6:30 the sun came up and started frying me down at the track!

I intended to do an 8-6-4-2 workout today, so I did the A warm up and stretched, then started to run the first 8. I couldn’t do it- what was I thinking? The 8-6-4-2 was what I started out with two years ago for conditioning into the off season, but then again, I’d been running and competing before that for about 5-6 months. So I took it down a notch and did a 4-3-2-1/mile ladder and some core at the end…

So today, I have to teach from 9-11am and 4-5pm. I’m supposed to be at Lilah’s house later this evening for the lock in, so I won’t be able to work out at night today and morning tomorrow. I need to fit in my Day #2 Insanity workout somewhere, and I need a 2 hour slot for that… so I’m guessing I can either go from 12-2, or 5-7 and just go to Lilah’s a bit late. Hmmm, decisions decisions!

On another note, I’m a bit sad I won’t be able to run tomorrow morning… but maybe I’ll try a night run!

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Ha- I just realized that all the titles of my posts but one all end in an exclamation mark.

But on to the main point!

I started my first day of Insanity today! In all honesty, the first day workout (which is the Fit Test) wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be. I guess it’s because I’ve already done a lot of the exercises in the fit test all throughout the past two years from track, and even though I haven’t done much for the past 3 months, muscle memory + keeping somewhat up in the weight room kicked in. But that being said, it still wasn’t easy. My quads were burning through a lot of the jumps! I’m a little nervous for tomorrow’s workout, which is the plyo cardio curcuit. Even the name sounds bad enough…

I took my first cold shower of the year after I did the Fit Test. I’m normally not a big fan of hot water- I hate the jacuzzi/hot tub/sauna-type stuff. But the weather’s been so off in California up until now, so I’ve had to stick with the warm water. However, post-Insanity called for some cold, cold water!

Before I went in the shower though, I released my hair from its ponytail…
And poof!

Pretty wavy hair turned lion-esque…

And oh man, still have the sweat dripping off my face in the photo…

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Overnight Oats!

I decided last night that I’m going to try a morning workout today. I’m a horribly light sleeper, and even though it’s summer break, I still find myself waking up around 6am. So this morning, I woke up around 5:40 (without my alarm… that’s kind of scary) and got ready to go out for a run!

Ignore the sock tan… and the messy closet/room…

I was ready to head out the door at 6… or 6:01 to be precise.

This was my second time ever working out this early. The last time I did was a little over a year ago (March-April 2010!) and I had to get up at 5 to get to my coach’s gym for a spin class at 6 am. Let me tell you this… spinning for the first time ever, especially with it being that early in the morning, was I guess I can say an interesting experience! It was pretty fun though, and I was there with a couple of my other teammates. We also had a medicine ball class after, on top of a plyo and a sprint workout later in the day… But I’m getting side tracked!

I headed out to the track. I don’t think I’m up for a long run quite yet (note, that long for me is anything over an 800, and even then, an 800 is long- heh, that’s what being a sprinter does to you). Anyway, the track looked incredible in the morning! The sun was just barely starting to come up, but it was already bright outside, and the air was so cool and breezy…

But. That only lasted for a short while. By the time it was 6:30, the sun was blazing hot! I was working up a mean sweat. Especially since I had my warm tights on, me thinking that it’d be colder… Of course, California doesn’t work that way, I should’ve known!

After an hour of warming up, doing speed drills/skips, a few short intervals, and core work, I finally walked home. By then, it was hoooot. When I got back to the house, I hopped in the shower to rinse off with cold water. I was going to wash out my hair and everything, but today was one of those rare, rare once in a blue moon days where I woke up and my hair waved/curled itself nicely over night. So I just pinned up my hair and rinsed off the sweat. And I didn’t have to delay in making breakfast, because of this amazing, amazing thing- overnight oats!

I’d never tried overnight oats before. I’m an oats fanatic- steel cut, rolled, Irish- I love it all. But I’ve only really eaten them hot or baked. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of eating the oats cold, but I might as well give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did! I actually wasn’t even able to finish eating it because just half of it got me full!

Overnight Oats
1/3 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
1/3 cup water
2 heaping spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt
1/2 ripe banana, cut and slightly mashed
a pinch of chia seeds
a dash of cinnamon
a dash of honey

And for my toppings that I put in this morning- half of an orange and homemade granola!
Definitely trying this again!

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I realized today that I only have about 2 months left of summer vacation- and then it’s back to school for me! While this is a little depressing (not to mention to early into break to think about), I also know that when I go back to school, I want people to be in shock at my body’s transformation. I have to admit that while I have been getting the healthy eating part down, the portion control still gives me trouble at times, and on top of that, I haven’t been with the exercise. I have track practice 3x a week, but my coach still doesn’t want me running. So for the past 3+ months, I’ve been in the weight room. The first weeks were good, but each week, I got less and less motivated- it’s hard when you’re in there by yourself! I used to be able to keep up with a good sweat for a whole two hours, but now even an hour seems like a stretch for me.

That being said, I recently got and I’m going to give it a shot. The round lasts for about 2 months- so by the time I finish with it, I’ll just be getting back to school. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with it. I’ve already previewed the beginning of the pure cardio workout- and holy crap, even as an athlete, that stuff got me wiped out!

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